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keychain tassel

250 SEK

Introduce your keys to a new friend!

For your own customized keychain, feel free to contact me or visit me in my studio.

Handmade Leather Goods from Göteborg

Our small business produces unique handmade leather products, ranging from durable everyday goods, such as work and sports items, to creative fashion accessories.
In addition to our own product lines we also provide a spectrum of services including restoration or repair and custom-made items.

Our design is the result of an organic process, a dialogue between material, experience and handicraft. It also lets the material speak for itself, employing a timeless, classic style that will withstand changing trends and time. We are also happy to work with clients to help them realize their design visions.
In December 2009 I opened my own studio and workshop in Gothenburg where visitors are most welcome. 


Uniqueness, durability and respect are three core elements we aim to pursue. In sharp contrast to the mass market of cheap goods that flood our lives and are dedicated exclusively to profit, our company places the emphasis on craftmanship, sustainability and individuality.

Mass produced goods are manufactured under humiliating conditions for the working people, including child labor, usurping our natural resources and destroying the grown culture of handicraft. They also dictate anon-culture of uniform taste, thereby accelerating the rise of a throwaway society. Today the access to knowledge, machinery and materials has already become a real challenge.

Leather is a special material, as every skin is distinctive being imbued with its own stories by virtue of its preparation, scars, coloration and wrinkles. It has always been one of the most sought after materials for a wide range of diverse applications.

Over the years we have collected a stock of hand-picked skins from all over Europe, with an eye for the particular and the valuable. The fancier and more colorful specimens originate predominately in Italy and Spain, whilst Sweden and Germany provide excellent organically tanned hides. All skins are from edible animals, so no animal was just killed for the leather.

A personal network of traders provides us with a wide range of garniture (embellishments) which enables us to meet the individual requirements of my customers as well as servicing our own product lines. For trimmings such as belt buckles, zippers and accessories our preferred designers hail from France and Italy.